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Ashley Valentine

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As an experienced and passionate freelance Closed Captioner I’m committed to delivering accurate and high-quality work with reliable solutions for my clients. I collaborate with companies, agencies, and individuals on a project basis, working closely with each client to understand exactly what they need and how they need it. Get in touch today so we can start on your next project!


What I Offer

As a Captioner I understand that my clients come to me for the support they can’t find anywhere else. With a robust skillset developed from professional training and experience, my work and guidance have helped countless clients achieve optimal results. I'm constantly learning every day and putting my feet forward in the journey of my freelance career. Read below to learn more about my prominent skills and what I have to offer.  

The video below is from a show called, World Tour Poker. I created the subtitles from scratch (origination).



Features Section Subtitle

Project Management

Crucial for Success

When working for multiple companies, there comes a time when I'm needed by all and have deadlines around the same date. Does it get stressful and overwhelming? Of course! I want to please all my clients, but due to my Project Management skills, I'm able to take on projects with longer deadlines first and then take on at least 1 other project from another company. And, if I ever need a deadline extension, I will definitely communicate my needs to my clients. I deliver transparency on how I'm handling their files and when I'm going to fully deliver. That's my main objective within my professional relationships.

Strategic Planning

Exceptional Outcomes

Adding on to the point of Project Management, deadlines play a great role in my Strategic Planning. It allows me to plan out my projects and make time for all clients giving them a fair chance to utilize me as their contractor. Projects from the companies I work with aren't every day, so if one company wants me to do 3 files within a specified deadline, then I will gladly take that on. But if another company happens to reach out, I'll take on at least one if I can, but if not, I'll respectfully decline. If I'm booked, I'm booked up. I don't allow myself to take on work I can't juggle. That creates a terrible work ethic with lackluster results and disappointed clients. Strategic Planning helps create a great balance between the clients and myself

Digital Expertise

Reliable Results

Since I grew up in the generation of technological devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc, I have great expertise in the digital world. I know the basic shortcuts when it comes to bolding, spacing lettering, adding a column, and others like that. Since my training at Gosub, I was able to use and learn the platform of Ooona's Online Toolkit. That's the main platform I use for Captioning. I love working with a platform I'm extremely familiar with, but some companies do advise that I use their own platform, so getting the hang of it can be complicated. But I'm a fast learner and I definitely ask questions. "Close mouths, don't get fed", so ask, and you shall receive.

Interpersonal Reliance

Comfortable Communication

When working with someone whether that be online or in-person, having a comfortable and safe relation is what makes my clients boom to me. On whatever platform we use to communicate, I'm always 1000% respectful and do all I need to make their experience with me A1. I genuinely won't feel right about my pay if my client isn't very pleased with my work in all aspects. Respect is earned and that's how I pride myself on my services.

If you’d like to learn more about a specific skill, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Samples of My Work

Projects by Ashley Valentine

I put my heart and soul into everything I do, which is clear to see throughout my portfolio. Regardless of the client or project, my personalized approach and exceptional work ethic always produce successful results. Take a look through my projects below, and get in touch if you’d like to learn more.


If you’d like to learn more about my past projects, reach out today. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

finding nemo.jpg

Finding Nemo

August 2020

Finding Nemo was from my course training days with the company GoSub. This is where I got my foot in the door of the world and the art of Captioning and Subtitling. I worked on the movie, Finding Nemo with my mentor, Kelly throughout my course. I was assigned the standard guidelines of "2 lines per subtitle", "NO breaking at prepositions", etc. I learned and gathered so much basic knowledge about Captioning. I was a newbie and that was only the BEGINNING of my Closed Captioning journey.

Services Available

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

I love sharing my passion with my clients, and offer many types of services to do exactly that. Check out my services below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more or with any questions - I’m happy to help.

Closed Captioning

$5.25 per audio minute

15 minutes and less

$10 per audio minute

16 minutes and more 

I provide captions to the videos you submit to me. It can be with or without a script. I can add special fonts and outlines to the captions. But, if you need simple subtitles with them synced up to the audio, then I'll provide that. If your video carries a light background, I can take it upon myself with your permission to outline the font. This adjustment ensures the viewing experience is enjoyable and effortless. If FN(Forced Narratives) are needed, then I can do that as well.


$5.25 per audio minute

15 minutes and less

$10 per audio minute

16 minutes and more

I speak and write fluent English, and when it comes to subtitling, I provide audio descriptions, character ID's, and sound effects. For example, when I would work on Asian Dramas within my paid training at GoSub, I wouldn't add English captions, just the sound descriptions of what was happening in the show. This action ensures that the viewer is getting the same experience as any other with the descriptions placements.


$10 per audio minute

15 minutes and less

$15 per audio minute

16 minutes and more 

My main focus is Closed Captioning, but I do dabble in the art of transcribing audio into written documents. If you provide me with guidelines on how you want your documents, then I'll definitely follow. If not, then I'll go by the standard transcription style. I'll add names and timestamps if wanted. I'm here to make your service with me smooth and straightforward.

To learn more about my services, feel free to reach out!


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